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What You Should Know

Who Should Attend?

  • Working professionals in the finance, banking, insurance, accounting and professional services
  • Individuals with basic knowledge of Python or recent degree in Computer or Data Science
  • Finance professionals who want to make a move in their career from Finance to FinTech
  • IT professionals from non-finance background
  • IT professionals in banking industry who would like to enhance programming skills
  • People from different industries who would like to switch their career to FinTech
  • Financiers who are trying to create another stream of income

Subjects and Topics Include

  • Introduction to Algorithmic Trading and its advantages
  • Introduction to Trading Platform and Demo
  • Trading Strategy Development Workflow
  • Source of Trading Ideas
  • Risk Management
  • Evaluate Trading Strategies
  • Pitfall of Algorithmic Trading
  • Trading Psychology

Course Highlight

  • Build trend following, mean reverting and portfolio rebalancing trading strategies with python on online quant trading platform
  • Backtest and evaluate trading strategies with various metrics and data visualization
  • Avoid common pitfalls of algorithmic trading

Instructor Description

Henry Tang

Henry Tang

Henry Tang has over a decade of experience investing in financial markets. He is an algo trader using trailer-made platform to do algo trading. Prior to his trading career, he was Vice President of Morgan Stanley Technology Division.

Course Details


16, 23, 30 Mar and 6 Apr (Sat)


9:00am – 1:00pm


Kaplan Campus




i. WHY is this course useful?
i. You will be able to develop Algorithmic Trading Strategies using Python Programming Language.

ii. WHAT practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?
ii. This course will teach you how to create a strategy that run automatically that don’t need your attention every singly minute during market hours.

iii. WHAT do I need?
iii. Have knowledge of basic Python programming. Please come prepared with Mac or PC Laptop with Chrome installed and able to connect to wifi, laptop charger and external mouse.

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