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CFA Seminar / Webinar

Want to get some tips and keep up with the latest trends for CFA exams in 2023?

The seminar will provide you

  • An overview on the CFA program & exam information
  • How CFA designation can benefit your career
  • Exam tips & demo lecture


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Effective 3-phase Learning for CFA® Exam Preparation
(Goal-oriented, shorten your reading & preparation time, tailor-made for HK local students)

Full package includes all three phases learning (from education, revision, to mock and review) which equips you for exam-day success.

Phase 1

Education (Classroom or Online)

Education (Classroom or Online)

Knowledge Building 
Cover all concepts vital to understand CFA® Program curriculum and provide exam-related tips and tricks.

Phase 2

Revision (Classroom or Online)

Revision (Classroom or Online)

Integrate & Practice 
Intensively review key topics by using mind-map, practice with exam-standard questions, focus on problem-solving techniques, exam tips and strategies.

Phase 3

Mock Exam & Review

Mock Exam & Review

Try it once
Practice the skills and knowledge required in the real exam so as to identify your weaknesses and fine-tune your study plan in the final stage.

Join the full package (all 3 phases) and save over 24% 
Textbook (Schweser Packages), PowerPoint Slides and Practice Questions all-inclusive

IPS Workshop For Level III

CFA Level III Exam could be tough for a lot of candidates due to the essay-type questions. Unlike the other two levels, you will be asked to take the concepts in the curriculum and develop your own recommendations and solutions. Knowing the best strategies on how to answer essay questions is almost as important as knowing the actual CFA curriculum content, and a lot of candidates don’t take the necessary time to prepare.

The workshop guides you through the essay writing process for the CFA Level III Exam. It will build up your confidence by covering a set of typical IPS questions and demonstrating the methodology that can earn maximum points. The workshop will provide you:

  • Tips on reading and understanding questions so as to have a better sense of purpose and focus
  • Tips on how to prepare legible, concise, straight to the point answers which are essential to keep within the exam time limit
  • Tactics on giving the graders an easy method to grade
  • Tips on time management throughout the writing process

Classroom Learning / Live Online :

  • Leverage expert instructors to teach the CFA® Program curriculum through engaging lectures.
  • Have access to an archived version of the class to review anytime, anywhere.
  • Reimburse up to 80% of the course fee (CEF)

Online Learning:

  • Attend class on your own schedule with in-depth video lectures covering every topic in the CFA® Program curriculum.
  • Include instructor email support, providing you opportunities to ask questions on the syllabus and clarify concepts with your instructor within days.

Additional HK$15,000 subsidy since 1 August 2022, maximum entitlement for new applicants is HK$25,000

Reimburse up to 80% of the course fee

Non-local course registration no. 360846
These courses have been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund. The Office of the Continuing Education Fund does not have record of registration of this course under the Qualifications Framework. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Free Online Extension

Nothing in life is guaranteed. That’s why we offer one-off free online extension*. We’re so confident that your dedication and our study materials will help you pass the CFA® exam, that should you need a second chance, we’ll extend your online access of the e-learning platform for your next exam sitting.

*Terms and condition apply.

Our Videos

CFA: Your global passport for career advancement worldwide

Most Effective 3-phase Learning for CFA Exam – By Trainer Larry Yuen (Kaplan HK)

CFA – Gain Your Financial Qualification At Home

Kaplan HK – CFA Alumni Sharing & Success Stories

Free CFA Seminars/Webinars
(can attend in person or online via zoom)

  • CFA program overview & exam information
  • How CFA designation can benefit your career
  • Exam tips & demo lecture

For enrollment: 

  • Please come to our campus (402 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay) for enrollment using CEF as there will be documents that require your signature. CEF 
  • Non-CEF enrollment can be done via email.
  • Interest-free monthly credit card payments over 6/12 months available for Non-CEF enrollment! 

Leading Global Provider of CFA Exam Prep

>14,300 alumni 
>25 years in offering all 3 levels of CFA training in HK

Highly Rated

96% of our customers said Kaplan CFA Exam Prep is useful
*2018-2022 Survey result

Expert Trainer

~90% Satisfaction rate of Trainer
*June 2017-2022 Statistics

Comprehensive Study Pack and Huge Question Bank

PowerPoint slides to consolidate key concepts. High-quality practice questions and mock exam
Online progress tests to make sure you are on track

Flexible Learning Options

Choice of Cantonese and English, weekday and weekend classes, eLearning

Catch-up Video (Unlimited access)

Review or make up missed sessions anytime online

Free Online Access Extension

Max extend for 6 months with exam registration proof shown*
*T&C applies

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