下载课程资料 CFA®一級持证网络课程 普通话授课 应试技巧专家,超过26年课程经验,将世界先进经验与华人学习特点完美结合,成功助过万考⽣通过考试, 值得信赖。





Kaplan 课程特色

理论与实战双管齐下!獨特的⾼效教学⽅法, 由资深华人导师专业指导,助考生快速突破理论难点。透過普通话视频配套英文讲义同步参照,助你扎实整個CFA知识体系的基础同時全面掌握英文考試內容。提供进度测试助你进行定期疏理及作为阶段性的学习巩固及总结。


  • 60+ 小時网课视频 (普通话)
  • 英文讲义教材同步参照
  • 6个进度测试 (Progress Tests)
  • 导师电邮答疑


  • 大量课后练习
  • 额外附送学习工具包括 SchweserNotes™ , QuickSheet, 题目库模拟考试等,作不同阶段的检查漏补


  • 免费重读信⼼保证
  • 考试不合格或延期,可免费延长课程期限长达6个月

Schweser Essential Package
包括SchweserNotesTM , QuickSheet, 题目库及模拟考试等其他在线学习工具,作不同阶段的检查漏补及









Benefits of Earning the Certificate in ESG Investing

Expand your ESG knowledge and stay ahead in your field

Improve your competitive career advantage and increase your employability in a fast-growing field

CFA Institute qualifications are globally recognized by leading firms

Develop the skills and competencies to fulfill both your fiduciary responsibilities and your firm’s responsible investment mandates

Effective 3-phase Learning Approach for FRM® Exam Preparation
(Goal-oriented, shorten your reading & preparation time, tailor-made for HK local students)

Full package includes all three phases learning (from education, revision, to mock and review) which equips you for exam-day success.

Phase 1

Education (Classroom or Online)

Education (Classroom or Online)

Knowledge Building
Cover all concepts vital to understand FRM® Program curriculum and provide exam-related tips and tricks.


Phase 2

Revision (Classroom or Online)

Revision (Classroom or Online)

Integrate & Practice 
Intensively review key topics by using mind-map, practice with exam-standard questions, focus on problem-solving techniques, exam tips and strategies.


Phase 3

Mock Exam & Review (Online or Classroom)

Mock Exam & Review (Online or Classroom)

Measure Your Knowledge and Skills
Practice the skills and knowledge required in the real exam so as to identify your weaknesses and fine-tune your study plan in the final stage.

Classroom Learning / Live Online :

  • Leverage expert instructors to teach the FRM® Program curriculum through engaging lectures.
  • Have access to an archived version of the class to review anytime, anywhere.
  • Reimburse up to 80% of the course fee (CEF) – apply to Part I only

Online Learning:

  • Attend class on your own schedule with in-depth video lectures covering every topic in the FRM® Program curriculum.
  • Include instructor email support, providing you opportunities to ask questions on the syllabus and clarify concepts with your instructor within days.

Free Online Extension

Nothing in life is guaranteed. That’s why we offer one-off free online extension*. We’re so confident that your dedication and our study materials will help you pass the FRM® exam, that should you need a second chance, we’ll extend your online access of the e-learning platform for your next exam sitting.

*Terms and condition apply.

Free FRM Seminars/Webinars
(can attend in person or online via zoom)

  • FRM program overview & exam information
  • How FRM designation can benefit your career
  • Exam tips & demo lecture

Classroom & online courses available 

  • July/Nov exam candidates can also enroll May course and get an online access extension for a max of 6 months (provide exam registration proof)
  • Interest-free credit card installment over 6/12 months available for Non-CEF enrollment

The Global Expert

  • >15,000 alumni count 

Top Trainers

  • ~90% Satisfaction Rate of Trainer 
  • Former Chief Risk Officer and over 16 years experience in risk management
  • One dedicated trainer throughout the course

High Passing Rate*

  • Part I: 83% Part II: 92%

Comprehensive Study Pack and Huge Question Bank

  • Huge package of study slides, practice questions and mock exam
  • Education Phase comes with SchweserNotesTM and Practice Exams
  • All learning resources are approved by GARP

Online Catch Up Video

  • Access course videos for review or make up missed sessions

Free Online Access Extension on Kaplan HK’s e-Learning Portal (T&C apply)

*Source: Survey of Kaplan students exam results, FRM Nov 2013 diet for Part I, FRM May 2012 diet for Part II
+Terms and Conditions apply

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